Nanofiber Veterinary™ products leverage their patent-pending technologies for cell growth and regenerative medicine across each scaffold family:

  • NanoLigV™ - Synthetic nanofiber tendons and ligaments
  • NanoCareV™ - Synthetic nanofiber mesh for internal and surface wound care
  • NanoMeshV™ - Synthetic nanofiber scaffold for internal tissues
  • NanoBoneV™ - Synthetic nanofiber stent for bone grafts and plug reparation and healing
  • NanoVesselV™ - Synthetic nanofiber blood vessel for use as arteries and veins

Products Benefits Include:

  • Offers new means of healing procedures not previously available for greatly enhanced animal life and quality of life in a multitude of situations
  • Controlled growth of cell reparation and growth expansion rates through product scaffolds
  • Significantly improved healing and recovery times
  • Controlled preservation of implanted scaffold and/or degradation of implant due to layer and functional necessity
  • Acceptance of implanted scaffold as local/native tissue without need for immune system or white-cell response
  • Off-the-shelf and custom product availability
  • All scaffolds made from 100% FDA-approved synthetic materials

All products are surface plasma treated, sterilized and ready to use upon arrival and can be stored in ambient conditions indefinitely. Custom manufactured scaffolds for large bioreactors and in vivo tissue engineering applications are also available.