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Synthetic nanofiber tendons and ligaments available in a variety of sizes for large and small animals due to traumatic and atraumatic causes:

  • Cruciate ligaments (CCL, ACL, PCL, LCL, MCL)
  • Flexor tendons
  • Suspensory ligament
  • Extensor tendon and ligaments

NanoLigV™ helps with partial graft healing to full tendon and ligament replacement, potentially turning a lame animal into fully-functional health and restored quality of life!

Products Benefits Include:

  • Offers new means of healing procedures not previously available for greatly enhanced animal life and quality of life in a multitude of situations
  • Controlled growth of cell reparation and growth expansion rates through product scaffolds
  • Significantly improved healing and recovery times
  • Controlled preservation of implanted scaffold and/or degradation of implant due to layer and functional necessity
  • Acceptance of implanted scaffold as local/native tissue without need for immune system or white-cell response
  • Off-the-shelf and custom product availability
  • All scaffolds made from 100% FDA-approved synthetic materials