Company Overview

Nanofiber Veterinary™ was established in 2013 to apply leading nanotechnologies to the global veterinary market.

Our Philosophy

We understand the precious roles that pets and both large and small animals play in our lives. We believe that pet health requires a unique mix of science, education, and human compassion. Our organization seeks to take advancements in medicine to provide the latest in research and surgical scaffolds, working diligently to ensure and promote animal health and wellness.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a partnership with leading veterinarians and veterinary organizations to improve upon and prolong procedures and products relating to extracellular matrices. We seek innovation of new tissue scaffolds, bone, tendon, and cartilage of upmost quality, working to educate leaders for substantive change throughout the veterinary industry. We are dedicated to exceptional service possible through state of the art products and services.

Our Core Values

  • Respect for animals and the people we serve
  • Technological innovation
  • Education leading to excellence in surgical procedures utilizing the products we offer