Sophisticated Enough For Humans Yet Made for Animals™

Nanofiber Veterinary offers a new generation of advanced biosynthetic animal tissue. The days of pure biologic or synthetic scaffolds is rapidly become an icon of the past. Our scaffolds mimic the natural extracellular matrices found in the body and may be used for a wide variety of purposes and animals, including dogs, cats, horses, farm animals, and a host of other large and small animals. The core technology promotes and manages cellular growth, building into natural tissue over time, based upon carefully engineered degradation periods to maximize natural tissue regeneration.

Each product offers the benefits of an autograft or allograft with the low cost and ease of use of a synthetic, with greater quality control and enhanced physical properties. Our products and associated procedures are also supported and covered by the leading pet insurance companies.

The same bleeding-edge advancements used in first nanofiber human trachea implant surgeries around the world have now been engineered for animals.



Healing proceeding well...

Four weeks after the procedure, doctors removed the mare's cast, and the wound looks to be healing correctly with no signs of infection. While there was swelling, it was less than prior to the surgery, and the ultrasound showed more organized images of the area. Even prior to seeing the progress, the doctors planned to put on a new, smaller cast that allows minimal stress to the tendon area. This will stay on for another four weeks. She is eating well and looks healthy, and she is no longer afraid to put pressure on the torn leg. It all looks very positive.



Friesian Mare Receives Two Synthetic Nanofiber Tendons

Surgeons performed a double nanofiber tendon implant in a high quality mare. The horse ruptured 90% of her superficial digital flexor tendon and 60% of her deep digital flexor tendon. While typically, such a horse would be euthanized, NanoLigV™ brings healing and seeks to bring full recovery. Read more



This update shows the tremendous progress of Phoenix, a patient who was deemed lame by its owner but through the efforts of Ranch Hand Rescue and a tendon, NanoLigV™ by Nanofiber Solutions, shows his dramatic recovery!


Supercells Trailer from K22 Film on Vimeo.

View this film showcasing the technologies leveraged by Nanofiber Veterinary, which were used in a human trachea replacement surgery


Custom Organs Online: How and When?

SouthWiRED 2014 invites Nanofiber Veterinary to speak on the future of digital technology relating to tissue engineering and custom organs, with 'Custom Organs Online: How and When?', October 6-10th, held at Atlantic Station in Atlanta, Georgia.


Medical Australia Distribution Agreement

Medical Australia Secures Agreement To Distribute Nanofiber Veterinary Products - NanoWhiskersV™ use injectable FDA-approved polymer fibres to increase cellular localization in the area of ailment to help regenerate joints. NanoCareV™ works to expedite healing of wounds in animals. It is a durable, bio-stable mesh that is placed directly into a wound like an allograft.