Sophisticated Enough For Humans Yet Made for Animals™

Nanofiber Veterinary distributes a wide variety of synthetic animal tissue scaffolds for a wide variety of animals including all types of dogs, cats, horses, sheep, and a host of other large and small animals.

Each product offers the benefits of an allograft with the low cost and ease of use of a synthetic, with greater quality control and prices making them available for common use! All our products and associated procedures are also supported and covered by the leading pet insurance companies.

Each products leverage technologies used by Nanofiber Solutions, a leading tissue engineering materials science biotechnology leader in regenerative medicine. The same bleeding-edge advancements used in first nanofiber human trachea implant surgeries around the world have now been modified to support a host of animal needs.



"Nanofiber Veterinary™ and Nanofiber Solutions™ Launch Synthetic Tissues for Veterinary Market"

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This update shows the tremendous progress of Phoenix, a patient who was deemed lame by its owner but through the efforts of Ranch Hand Rescue and a tendon, NanoLigV™ by Nanofiber Solutions, shows his dramatic recovery!


Supercells Trailer from K22 Film on Vimeo.

View this film showcasing the technologies leveraged by Nanofiber Veterinary, which were used in a human trachea replacement surgery